The YouTube-trio raises millions for Majblomman.

In just four days, the humor group IJustWantToBeCool got their followers to raise over SEK 800,000 for Majblomman’s annual fundraiser. After just over two weeks, the collection is up to SEK 1,928,300.

– We are incredibly happy and moved by the response we have received, this would not have happened without all the commitment from our fans, says Victor Beer from IJustWantToBeCool.

“Due to the pandemic, Majblomman 2020 had to cancel their physical fundraiser for the first time in 113 years.”

2020 is the first time in 113 years that Majblomman was forced to cancel their physical fundraiser. This meant that Majblomman had to go in a different direction this year, and chose to enlist help of the branded content experts Splay One and PR agency Micael Bindefeldt AB. Together, IJustWantToBeCool was recommended as profiles to convey Majblomman’s message to the target group.

 – It has been fantastic to follow the results of this collaboration. This year, it is more important than ever to find alternative ways to inform and encourage young people, schools and families to contribute to Majblomman’s work. I’m so proud of everyone involved, says Georgia Padovan, Client Manager at Splay One.

All flowers from 2020 were saved and later sold by children across the country online between April 15 and May 2, 2021. By sharing a unique group code through IJustWantToBeCool’s social media platforms, they were able to encourage their followers to start their own webshops and to share its digital flower shop to as many people as possible. In 2 weeks, a total of 3,732 children have started their own flower shop and together collected over SEK 1,928,300. 

– Within the framework of this year’s pandemic – adapted sale of Majblommor, we are testing many new ways to reach children who want to sell cornflowers in online flower shops. The collaboration with IJustWantToBeCool is one of the parts that has really succeeded. We are so impressed by how the group managed to talk about Majblomman with its unique tonality, how they communicated important and somewhat difficult questions to their target group in a way that makes them listen and get involved, says Majblomman’s general secretary Tove Lindahl Greve.