About Splay One

Founded by executives from the media industry, managed by a social generation, employed by the best digital creators. We are the Nordic power house for branded entertainment offering digital strategies, creative development, multi-platform productions and distribution under one roof. To entertain and engage our audience lies at the heart of everything we do.

Founded in






Our Idea

The rapid shift in the media landscapes creates new challenges for advertisers. People are today paying for a Netflix subscription to avoid your ads. They use ad-blockers to not be disturbed by your banners. And they trust influencers more than you.

In a day a person is exposed to more than 10.000 commercial messages, but research shows that only 12 of them makes an impact. How do you become one of these twelve messages? How do you break through the noise?

We believe that you need to transform your communication from push to pull. Stop pushing out meaningless ads and start producing content people want to watch – not skip! You need to give your audience a reason to come back for more.

The next big entertainment formats will be developed, owned and distributed by brands. By you. Our solution: we have developed a method that enables advertisers to break through the noise and overcome the challenges in the media landscape.

Our Offering

Influencer Marketing

We were the pioneers of developing influencer marketing in the Nordics. Today, we have built a premium influencer network of the top online video creators in the Nordics, covering interests such as lifestyle, food, comedy, fitness, entertainment, gaming and beauty. Together with leading social influencers, we deliver impressive concepts that let your brand become part of the conversation among millenials.

Ads Distribution

We are the official reseller of YouTube and can offer a bigger daily reach than any other broadcaster in the Nordics in the target audience 18-44 years. We have built the largest online video network of brand safe content in the Nordics and guarantee that your ads are shown only in a premium and brand safe environment. We offer all available YouTube ad formats, such as non-skip pre-roll, skippable and bumbers.

Branded Entertainment 

Our belief is that brands will be the key players in the future of storytelling and entertainment.  We create high-quality content adapted for all platforms that engages and creates conversations with your audience. Whether it is creating your own branded Splay Original show or launching your own branded channel, we merge strategic planning with creative excellence to make sure you swipe the old push marketing for pull.

SoMe Strategy 

Our deep relationship with powerful influencers and platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, has helped us gain invaluable insights about the social platforms. We are social experts and will help you set the best multi-platform strategy to reach your audience on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

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