About Splay One

Splay One is the Nordic Power House for branded entertainment, founded by executives from the media industry, managed by a social generation, employed by the best digital creators. We offer everything from digital strategies, creative development and multi-platform productions to distribution under one roof. To entertain and engage our audience lies at the heart of everything we do. This is our expertise…

Concept and format development

We’re born from the Entertainment Industry and a part of the largest entertainment group in Scandinavia, so creating content that people choose to watch is at the heart of what we do. Our development team consists of a vibrant mix of creators with an extensive background from YouTube and TV, topped up with some ad creatives who became fed up with producing stuff that no one ever asked for in the first place.

Channel Management

We run the biggest MCN in the Nordics with over 250 million video views a month and have successfully launched a plethora of channels of our own, so the claim that we’re the leading experts in Channel Management in our market is as far from an exaggeration you can be in this business. Based on our extensive data, we have developed our own Audience Growth Planning model which is the way to go for any brand wanting their own channels to go from simply existing to start delivering real results.

SoMe Strategy

We could just claim that we’re experts in SoMe strategy, but who doesn’t these days! So our reasoning is a little bit longer. Why? Because there’s nothing easier than creating strategies that you don’t have to deliver on yourself and way too many brand owners still turn to partners who specialize in the strategy part, but doesn’t care whether the outcome stop thumbs, attract eyeballs or grows an audience. That is why we never see or approach SoMe strategy as a s stand-alone service or area of expertise and we only take on SoMe strategy for clients that wants a partner to be held accountable all the way. Let’s just say that we’re experts in creating SoMe strategies and set-up eco-systems across social touchpoints that are no nonsense, straight-forward and can be easily implemented or quickly turned into something that produces results. 

Talent Strategy

Through our extensive network of talent and storytellers across YouTube and other social platforms, we help brands, events and publishers of all types to find, match and close ambassador agreements with the right profile – profiles that not only are true creators of their own content, but that also has the right audience for the objectives at hand. 

We also work directly with talent to help them grow their following and expand into new creative areas, like securing book deals, launching a podcast or landing that fab role in a TV series.

Content Production

Born from a merger between a production company and a digital media house, we’ve chosen to build a complete production house internally, consisting of producers, production managers, photographers, graphics and vfx, studio, tech and postproduction to streamline the production process, keep control of what we produce and make sure we’re always cost-effective. Add to that an extensive network of freelancers to cater to every production need, and we have just the right set-up to offer kick-ass digital productions.

Digital Distribution

We create digital media strategies, plan, execute and buy ads across a multitude of digital platforms. Where many brand owners often separate budgets and work with different agency partners for advertising aimed at creating attention and tactical budgets focusing on conversion and traffic, we believe in keeping it integrated. We call our approach Audience Growth Planning, a thinking where we optimize tactical ads based on target data obtained from broader initiatives primarily built around reach. It’s our special sauce, you should try it.

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