Case: ACO

ACO Spotless

Influencer Marketing


ACO Spotless wanted to raise awareness about their acne related products and grow the relationship with their target audience; the teenagers. The goal was to strengthen their market leading position and increase sales. So how do you reach a crowd of digital natives? With the insight that today’s teenagers live their lives online and get a large share of their product recommendations from influencers, we had a stepping stone for what would be an over three year long cooperation with ACO.


We created a digital strategy built in 3 steps with a set of influencers who are the most popular among all different teenage categories. The first step was to build the brand and raise awareness. We used the influencers own YouTube channels to create a natural and true connection with the audience. Secondly, we focused on the product by letting the influencers use the product and give their honest opinion about it. Lastly – we aimed for increased sales and shifted platforms to make conversion more natural and easy.


So how dit it go? We had more than 900.000 organic views in 2018, a total of 3 million organic views over three years (2016 – 2018) and reached more than 3 million Instagram followers. In 2016 Aco Spotless went from 26% to a 40% market share, only to follow up in 2017 and 2018 with an extension to a 50% market share. Not surprisingly, sales were boosted in all campaign markets: Norway, Finland and Sweden. The campaign was also awarded the prize of ”Best Influencer Campaign” at IAB Sweden Mixx Awards 2018.

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