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More satisfied members and more media light on diabetes
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Search traffic about diabetes reached Swedish Google's top 10
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Svenska Diabetesförbundet (The Swedish Diabetes Association) needed a new and modern concept for their member magazine, including a strategy for how the association should work with content in digital, social and earned channels. All with the aim of making existing
members more satisfied, and to recruit new ones. The target audience is people of all ages with some type of diabetes, and their loved ones.
About 500,000 people have diabetes in Sweden. The most common diabetes is type 2, but over 50,000 Swedes suffers from type 1 diabetes.


Splay One developed a new content structure, new design and a new name for the member magazine: Allt om Diabetes. (All about diabetes)
There is no cure for diabetes yet, but Allt om Diabetes is supposed to be a cure for all the fake facts and prejudices that surround the disease. A reliable knowledge channel for everyone affected by diabetes and a source of inspiration. Allt om Diabetes reports the research that is revolutionizing the world of diabetes and regularly conducts its own
journalistic reviews of how people with diabetes are being treated. Food, exercise, diabetes assist dogs and technology that makes life easier are mixed with reports and portraits. Ordinary and famous people talk about everything from swaying blood sugar to their biggest fears and proudest moments. Allt om Diabetes’ content is also converted to PR activities and lobbying work, via the website, social channels, in TV programs and other media collaborations.


Since Allt om Diabetes was launched, the negative trend has reversed. The members are more satisfied with their association, ranking the magazine as their most important source of information and 90 percent give it a rating of ”good” or ”very good”. The content work is today the hub for Diabetesförbundets communication work. New statistics, surveys and interviews from Allt om Diabetes have resulted in a major PR impact. A collaboration with the media house Aftonbladet led to Allt om Diabetes articles being read more than the news magazines own material during the campaign week! All activities have led to Swedes googling diabetes more and more, which in turn has increased traffic by several 100 percent to Diabetesförbundets site and social channels.