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Knock, knock! Who’s there? 623 000 people watching cows for hours.
Cost Efficient Live Show
Outperforming previous year by
623 000
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Brand Original

We’ve learned from the best, the youtube creators themselves; what makes a youtube video break the through the noise.


For swedes, one of the clearest signs that spring is coming is when the cows are let out from the barns in which they stay over winter to bait. For 15 years Arla had invited the public to come visit this event consisting of happily jumping cows, cinnamon buns and milk. But, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the broke out in 2020, all events had to be cancelled. So Arla challenged us with a simple question: How do we continue to spread the joy without spreading the disease?


If you can’t bring the audience to the entertainment, bring the entertainment to the audience. We created a youtube live show concentrating on bringing entertainment to the isolated people of Sweden, broadcasted from three different farms in Sweden, three Saturdays in a row. As hosts of the show we chose the social media stars Josefine Caarle and Hampus Hedström, and to bring some traditional Arla Cinnamon Bun touch to the whole thing we let the most popular Instagram baking star, Elliot Bakar, create his very own recipes.


So how did it go? The traditional Arla events regularly attracts around 200 000 people to come and visit farms around Sweden. Our Live Show is still attracting new viewers as they are still there to be seen on Arla’s youtube channel, and up to date the show has gained more than 600 000 views. 623 000 to be exact.

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