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Youtubers + baking + chocolate = Success Cake
Sales increased with
Organic views
6 000 000
Years of watch time
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Brand Original

We’ve learned from the best, the youtube creators themselves; what makes a youtube video break the through the noise.


Marabou wanted to increase sales around specific peak seasons by showing how fun and easy it can be to bake with their products. While cooking shows filled with recipes were a big hit on TV, Marabou understood that their target audience was somewhere else. How do you make baking interesting enough for the younger generation and how do you reach that generation that always have one finger on the ad block trigger? 


You need to be chosen! We helped Marabou create an original baking series for Youtube, with Sweden’s most popular influencers and had them compete for the title ”Youtube’s best chocolate creator”. They were challenged by a jury to create the most delicious pastries using Marabou’s products, then they were eliminated one by one until a winner was crowned.


Sales of Marabou chocolate bars went up by 20%, and the main focus product, Noblesse Pralines, went through the roof sales wise and increased by 70%. The first season reached over 1 million organic views during the 8 weeks campaign period. ”The first season?” Yes, Marabou came back again for another series to repeat the success. And again. So far 3 seasons has been aired, with season 2 and 3 reaching more than 5 million organic views. Or, if you will – 51 years of watch time.

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