Vad grillar du på?

What’s cooking? A successful multiple platform branded TV series about hunting.
Broadcast viewers
160 000
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TV Series

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Weber wanted to challenge traditional brand activations in tv shows and commercial campaigns to increase sales during high season and engage their target group to interact more with their brand. But how do you distribute branded content on multiple platforms to attract and inspire a target group that’s not digitally native? And how do you at the same time communicate a brand’s vision to the future generation of grillers?


We created a TV show packed with testosterone but neatly wrapped up in a modern and eco-friendly ”farm to table” take. As hosts of the show we chose the guys between behind Swedens biggest hunting channel on YouTube, Jompen and Pierre, who naturally brought their digital audience to the broadcast channel TV10, while at the same time attracting the ”tv watchers” to go on and follow the campaign online, creating great synergy effects.


The show gained huge media coverage in Swedens biggest traditional media channels, and because of an incredibly engaged audience the show gained more than a quarter million organic views in social media, and more than 160 000 views on TV10, Viafree and Viaplay. But most important? A study showed that viewers of the show were 35% more prone to buying a Weber grill than those who didn’t watch it. 

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